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Yesterday I remember that today was Remembrance Day.  This morning I remembered that today was Remembrance Day.  But at 11:00am, I forgot.  I think I was on the phone to a client or trying to troubleshoot a problem, I really don’t remember.  I just remember looking up and seeing that it was 11:30am and feeling really bad that I didn’t observe a minute of silence.

In atonement for my sins this morning, I would like to publicly thank all the service men and women who have served and are currently serving their country.  I may not agree with the wars that are currently occurring in this world, but I have great respect those who are prepared to die for their country.  That is a sacrifice that I am not sure I could make.

When I was teaching in Thailand in 1995, we were taken to an war cemetery for allied troops.  There were hundreds and hundreds of grave stones.  Each one for a solider that died in service to their country. I am not ashamed to say that I burst out crying in that graveyard.  It just seemed to me so senseless.  And yet, we have not learnt the horrible lessons that World War I and World War II tried to teach us.  We still seem to eager to send young men and women off to war to die.  Maybe one day the human race will realise that war is not the way to solve the disputes of this world.

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