The Great Toilet Roll Debate

It is not religion or politics that deeply divide people, it is something much more simpler than that.  It is which way you put the toilet roll on.

There are two camps; the overs and the unders.  For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about let me illustrate.

The above picture is the toilet roll placed in the over position.  This is the correct position as the toilet paper is easily accessible and rolls nicely out with a simple hand motion.

This picture is over the toilet roll in the under position.  Look how hard it is to get to.  This position should only ever be used by those with small children and toilet paper loving felines.

However, because I believe in everyone having their say,  I have created a poll as I want to know what you feel about the great toilet roll debate.

If you want to convince me that I am wrong about the over position being the correct way to hang the toilet paper roll, you may do so in the comments section.

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17 responses to “The Great Toilet Roll Debate

  1. I think one can have an opinion about the correct orientation of the toilet paper without being a toilet paper hanger oneself.

    Having said that, underhangers are heretics.

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  3. Haha – definitely over, not under. Have you read this before (some very in depth research into the topic!):

  4. ok, so… we don’t even pay attention to which way it is hung in our house. whichever way it goes on the roll is the way it goes on. (if it even makes it to the roll and doesn’t just sit on the back of the toilet). i’ve honestly never been one to really care…but i’ve been around many people who have debated the fact!

    thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

  5. Toilet paper with a printed pattern always assumes it will hung over, not under. This always causes arguments between me and my wife, the underhanger. I always take the time to correct her error.

  6. Are you telling me i am the only one who doesn’t hang the roll??? lmao!

  7. no arguement with the over side here!

  8. I am a rebel. Under is the way to go because it actually hangs that way. Though where I’m living now there is no roll hanger so it’s anarchy. Anarchy, I tell you.

  9. I pride myself on being somewhat of an iconoclast, but you will find no quarrel with me on this matter: overhanging is the only sensible option.

  10. i think i keep changing sides on the issue (or maybe i just don’t like it either way?).
    generally i just sit the roll on end on top of the holder and usually within 24 hours my husband puts it on the roll (and he doesn’t seem to have a prefernce either)

  11. I think underhangers have a difference in genes than the rest of us ;) How weird is it to get ready to pull and then have to flip around the roll to find the end.

    Thanks so much for submitting your post to BPOTW!!

  12. I prefer the over the roll hang. But….I had a dear friend explain to me that when you have kids, which I do, they often find excitement in rolling that thing till it is empty. If you hang it from the bottom, they can’t dispense your entire roll! She so smart, and doesn’t even have kids.

  13. Krissy: I definitely understand the need for those with small children to hang the toilet paper in the under position to ensure that they actually have toilet paper. However, for everyone else, it should be in the over position.

  14. I just don’t understand the people who don’t know there’s a difference! They just hang it whatever way it is in their hands. They need to commit!

  15. Interesting thought. I would have to say over, because you then avoid the tear you get sometimes when it’s hung under. The hassle of getting 1 sheet, grrr.

  16. Draftman1956

    I’m so glad you have a blog about such a seemingly pointless topic as for some reason – (God Help Me!!!) this one drives me INSANE!!! I live in a house of 6 adults and at least 2 of them seem to be incessant “UNDERHANGERS!”

    Okay – no argument with the kids thing – you “overhang” and toddlers have fun running the Indi 500 down your toilet roll till it all ends up piled on the floor – BUT note that our illustrious author also made the valid point that if the cat pats her paws up the wall and catches the UNDER ROLL with her claws – you end up with the same pile of useless paper mess under an empty roller..

    So… my vote????

    For those dedicated underhangers – take special NOTE the next time you go to ANY self respectiong HOTEL or MOTEL Chain— the toilet paper will be mounted “OVER” NOT “UNDER” and God knows Martha Stewart would WRAP YOU ON THE KNUCKLES if she caught you hanging toilet paper “UNDER” in her bathroom.

    Face it “UNDIES” The argument is OVER – It’s “OVER” not “UNDER” . I’m POSTING this Blog over my toilet roll in my bathroom now so my fellow inmate voilators will stop wasting my valuable bathroom time…..LOL.