I Fail At Housekeeping

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I fail at housekeeping. There, I have said it.  Housekeeping and me aren’t a natural match.  My house is not as bad as the houses you see on “How Clean Is Your House?” with ten years worth of garbage on the floor and an oven top that has never been cleaned, but Kim and Aggie would still be horrified.

I tried doing the whole FlyLady routine, but to be honest it really didn’t work for me.  For one, I felt like I was spending all my free time cleaning and whilst my house looked fantastic, I was sick to death of constantly cleaning.  Also, it is really targeted to women with kids and not a childless suburban dyke.

How does everyone deal with keeping their houses clean without spending an entire day of their weekend cleaning?  There has to be an easier way, right?

Please let me know all your housekeeping secrets.  I want to have one of those gorgeous houses you see in magazines and not the chaos I currently live in.

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4 responses to “I Fail At Housekeeping

  1. My solution is a wife called Kevin. I cook, he cleans, works perfect.

    So just tell Lela it is her job, or the relationship is over.

  2. Ben: Yeah, I can see that going down well… not.

  3. Sweetie, if you want a wife called Kevin to clean for you, I know where Ben lives.

  4. cleaning is my zen.
    yeah.. really.
    so i have a couple of suggestions.
    first is to stop thinking of it as a chore that has to get done. start to think of it as honoring your space. notice the change in energy when its done.
    you can also break up your cleaning. instead of doing it all day saturday, do a little each week night. then on say…thursday or friday evening run the vacuum around and the house should be in good shape for the weekend.
    also…do i need to mention – clean as you go. put things away when your done, pick up before bed time, tidy before you walk out the door in the morning.
    again…not chores everyday. its keeping your sacred place (your home) in a state that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.