We had Rory’s re-check with the vet today.  By the time we got her to the vet she was yelping in pain and trembling again.  She had jumped up into the car before we could stop her and I think that just aggravated everything.   There were quite a few people in the waiting room so we had a bit of a wait.  Whilst we were waiting a large German Shepherd walked past the vet clinic and was glaring at Caleb through the big glass window.  Caleb started growling and got all upset and then Rory got up and started growling.  Apparently even if Rory is in great pain, if someone upsets her ‘little’ brother, she is going to get upset at them.

The vet we saw today was fantastic.  We went through the x-rays they took of Rory on Thursday and I had so much professional envy.  Not only do they have the ability to do digital x-rays but can show them on a large screen TV in the consult room to patients.  You can zoom in and out and even change the contrast for a clearer view.  Whilst looking at the x-rays we found a narrowing in the spine in her neck and something that may be a small fracture.  So much for the other vet telling us that the x-rays were ‘unremarkable’.   Rory is now on strict cage rest and has been given Tramadol for the pain.  They will get a specialist to have a look at the x-rays at the beginning of next week and get their opinion on where to go from here.

I also got shown a new way to express anal glands from the outside without having to put my finger up the dog’s butt.  Sad to say that I can’t wait to give it a go.  I think the vet liked having a former vet nurse as a patient’s owner as he didn’t have to dumb things down and as Lela as remarked in the past, I give a great patient history.

Rory is not impressed to be confined to her crate.  She has tried to go to all of her favourite resting spots like in the garden shed, under the passionfruit tree and on the couch – anything to avoid going back to the crate.  However, once in there, she is happy to stay there and rest.  The best case senario for Rory will mean 4 -6 weeks of strict cage rest.  As she heals, she is going to be more and more relucant to be crated.  I can see some fierce battles of wills in my future as she is one stubborn little beagle.

I don’t have a current photo of her in her crate, so here is one from when she was a puppy.  Imagine a larger beagle, but one looking just as unhappy.


2 responses to “Confinement

  1. Here’s hoping for the best case scenario, even with the battle of wills. Thanks for the update.

    *hugs* from a damp and windy London (if I was in Scotland that would be wet and gale-force wind-battered Scotland, so I’m not complaining).

  2. Thanks Nyssa. We all have our fingers crossed for the best case scenario.
    Dogs handled being inside really well whilst we were at the basketball (Flames lost to the Fire). We put on Animal Planet on the TV for them and it seemed to have worked.