This is your beagle on drugs

If it is not one, it’s the other.  Caleb was ill earlier this week with kennel cough from which he has now made a great recovery.  Meanwhile, Rory has been stiff and sore since Friday last week.  She didn’t want to jump on or off the bed or couch and has yelped a couple of times when Caleb has bumped into her.  She took a turn for the worse early this morning at 4am.  (Why is it that dogs always get sick in the middle of night?).  After getting up for a bathroom break, she came back to bed crying and trembling.  We managed to get her settled and all of us sleep fitfully until 7am.  We took her to the vet where she got even worse and was in so much pain.  She screamed when the vet touched her back and neck.  I never want to see her in so much pain again.   Caleb was practically trying to jump up on the table to get to her.

We left her at the vet to get blood work and x-rays done.  Both came back “unremarkable”.  At this stage it is suspected that she has a muscular injury.  She was given methadone for the pain and a shot of cortisone for the inflammation.  She is now on cage rest until Saturday when we need to go back to the vet’s for a check-up.

One of the best things we did when Rory was a puppy was to crate train her.  She loves her crate.  She eats her breakfast and dinner in there and will go in there to sleep if she wants to time alone.  We have the big wire crate set up in the lounge room with a comfy pillow and blanket in there. Whilst she may not want to be in there, she will not be stressed out by the fact that she is.  At the moment, she is sleeping, occasionally getting up and re-positioning herself.  We have been warned that she may be worse in the morning after all the methadone has worn off.

Meanwhile, we get to have a bit of a laugh of how stoned she looks on methadone.  This photo was actually taken earlier this year when Rory had a muscular spasm in her tail, but she looks similar tonight.


3 responses to “This is your beagle on drugs

  1. Benita Banana

    I dont think she appreciated the flash =)

    PS. save some of the drugs for me

  2. Oh. I hope she gets better real soon!!

  3. Ahhh poor pup!!! I hope she feels better really soon!!

    Thank you for visiting my blog!