Disgusting Office Habits

Toe Nail Clipper

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Two of my co-workers have developed a rather disgusting habit – they have started to cut their fingernails whilst sitting at their desk.  It is not as disgusting as some of the things I guess they could start doing at their desks, but still it annoys me.  For me, personal hygiene tasks should be performed in the privacy of your own home or at the least in the bathroom.  I could understand if you get a broken nail you might need to do some emergency repairs, but this is not is what is going on here.  Both of them (one male, one female) get out their nail clippers, reposition the bin and start cutting all ten nails.  I am concerned that one day they will move onto their toenails.

Since WordPress.com now has a poll feature, I am going to run a poll.  This will probably prove that I am just overreacting about the whole cutting the fingernails at the desk thing.

Whilst you are here, let me know about the disgusting habits of your co-workers so that I feel good that all my guys are doing are cutting their fingernails.

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12 responses to “Disgusting Office Habits

  1. That is totally gross!! Great to be back checking out your blog after my online absence!!

  2. I voted YES. I’d suggest you photograph them and shame them publicly so they stop and don’t start cutting their toenails in public next :-)

  3. ICK. That is so gross. I hope they picked up all their clippings that didn’t make it into the trash can.

  4. pretty much someone does in public that leaves bits of themselves behind is disgusting. before i had my kids i had a coworker who always picked his ear and examined his finger afterwards. gag!

  5. Clipping nails at your desk is pretty bad, but what about clipping toenails on the subway! That is just one of the stories on the blog, ToeNail Interruptus.

  6. this makes me really glad I don’t work in an office!

  7. One of my fingernail cutting co-workers has just broken the cardinal rule of never microwaving tuna in the workplace. Really not loving the smell of cooked tuna coming at me from across the office.

  8. It is my desk and i will do what i want on it…. within reason of course!~ does not working and playing online games count?????

  9. I hate this. I hate the waiting my brain does as they must be repositioning the clipper on nail 3, then the horrid clip, then the wait, then clip 4….ugh.

    The worst was one day I knew an office neighbor had an interview. I heard the clips. Then I smelt acrid poison. Which was nailpolish. When she emerged, her nails were not painted. But her toes were.

  10. ewwww.

    Most annoying thing that many in my office do is breathe.

  11. I have coworkers who do that as well…sucks being in a cube! So nasty!!

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