The Joy of Owning A Beagle

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Lela and I return home from Newcastle, which I promise I will blog about later.  We pick the dogs up from the kennel and headed home.  I decide not to unpack our bag because I really wasn’t feeling crash hot, a decision I would soon come to regret.

The evening progresses as normal.  The dogs sleep, totally exhausted from their night away from home and around 7:30pm they wake up and demand to be fed, since dinner time is usually at 7pm.

Afterwards Rory goes wandering into our bedroom.  I decide not to go and check on her assuming that she has just crashed out on the bed, another decision I would come to regret.  About 10 minutes later I hear some suspicious rustling and run into the bedroom to find Rory sitting on the bed eating some dark chocolate my parents brought us back from Canada.  The chocolate is smeared all over our doona (quilt) and our pillows.  Chocolate is toxic to dogs so after a failed attempt to get Rory to vomit using warm salt water, we rush her to the vet’s.  Using special salt crystals, they get her to vomit up all the chocolate plus the foil she had consumed.

This costs us $130 in vet bills and an evening spent sitting in the vet surgery waiting room.

I love my beagle, I truly do, but there are times like this that I wish she wasn’t quite as curious and her nose wasn’t so effective at seeking out chocolate.  Damn beagle!

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6 responses to “The Joy of Owning A Beagle

  1. My friend has a beagle that she adopted and named Newman. (After the Seinfeld character) She is constantly telling how good he is at getting into mischief. Everytime I see him he is nothing but sweet.

  2. $130! Boy that Canadian chocolate is expensive!

  3. oh no! hope she is ok.

    my two bulldogs got into a bunch of chocolate last Christmas and I was so nervous, but thank goodness for my mom. She’s a vet tech and said if they consumed more than half a pound then I should definitely get their ornery asses to the vet. They both ended up throwing up some along with the foil. Of course, this didn’t stop them from getting into things they shouldn’t! ;)

  4. I’m sure glad you discovered it on time and got your dog to the vet. That sure is scary! My sister’s dog gets into chocolate, and she uses the salt trick too. But the first time she tried the trick, she forgot to put the dog outside after administering the salt solution. And then, she had a healthy dog but a big mess of chocolate puppy puke all over her house. Not a mistake to repeat.

    Hope she feels better soon. :)

  5. holy crap! silly beagle; s’lucky you love ‘er :o)

  6. Thanks for all the well wishes, Rory is doing fine. She is currently fast asleep at my feet.

    Unfortunately, we have been through this before about 3 years ago when she found one of my Easter eggs that was on top of the mantelpiece above the fireplace. Nowhere is safe when you have a beagle.