Movie in my mind

Since recommencing a medication called Lyrica two weeks ago I have been having really strange and vivid dreams. It is like when I fall asleep I watch some weird nonsensical film. Last night I dreamt that I commuted to London from Sydney every day for work and that I could do so by taking two buses and a train and it only took about two hours.  I was talking to a friend how I didn’t understand why people took a 24 hour flight when I could take public transport and get there much more quickly.

Do you remember any odd dreams that you have had in the past?  Is there any time in your life that you have had more weird dreams than you normally do?

It would be nice to know that other people are having really odd dreams as well.

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5 responses to “Movie in my mind

  1. I often have a reoccurring nightmare of the Ham and Cheese incident. Seriously though, if I have a fever I have the craziest dreams. Medicated after surgeries, same thing. Always unrealistic, but totally believable while I am having them. I know I have woken up plenty of times while preggo and been mad at the DH for whatever crazy dream I had that night.

  2. funny – I just had some really strange dreams myself today. I blame it on falling asleep to “Welcome Back Kotter”

    My favorite goal has been the new meal every month, I think we are actually due – I might just have to dish up something good this Sunday!!

  3. Stitchblade: Yeah I have woken up grumpy at Lela when I have dreamt that she has done something horrible to me, even when I know it was only a dream.
    Glad to hear that others have really crazy dreams when medicated.

    Liz: Falling asleep in front of the TV would definitely give you some rather odd dreams.

  4. I was taking Lyrica for carpal tunnel and had to stop. Hated it.

  5. I just posted about weird dreams too.

    The weirdest/spookiest dream I can remember: When I was in high school, I had a dream that my history teacher had a heart attack and died. Strange. But when I went to school the next day he was gone. His father had had a heart attack and died. That was freaky.