Blue Day 2008

This Friday (October 10th) is World Mental Health Day or Blue Day.  This is a day when we ask you to help promote awareness of depression and anxiety especially through social media.  This day is close to my heart as I suffer from anxiety. For me, anxiety is a totally illogical disorder.  Whilst half my brain is freaking out, the other more logical half is rolling its eyes and saying “Oh for Gods sakes, calm down, this is nothing to get all worked up about.”  I am fortunate, that my anxiety is only triggered by certain events and I can, most of the time, get control over it.  There are many others for whom anxiety rules their life and prevents them from living their lives to the fullest.

To help promote Blue Day, turn your avatar on all your social media tools blue or download a specially made avatar from the Blue Day Website.  Also follow Blue Day 2008 on Twitter and if you have a blog, please blog about it and tag your posts with BlueDay2008.  There is also special meetups organised throughout Australia which can all be found on the Blue Day Website.

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3 responses to “Blue Day 2008

  1. Thanks babe, will do. Have to write myself a note to remember though :)

  2. Good on you for promoting this, if I had not been out of the loop lately because of being busy with other things I would have heard about this before the event and taken part!

    Anxiety was a major problem for me for many years until I found the right sort of medical solution. Mine has a genetic cause but it was still trial and error trying to find what works.

    I can fully understand what you mean by your brain thinking logically but your body doing otherwise.

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