Blogroll Roll Call

Do you write a blog about living with a chronic illness or about more general health/medical topics? Then please leave a link to your blog in the comments section and I will put it in my blogroll, unless of course you are a spammer and then your link will simply go into Akismet.

I have a couple of blogs about living with a chronic illness on my blogroll but I know that many more must exist, and I would love to read them and let others know about them.


4 responses to “Blogroll Roll Call

  1. What’s Akismet?

  2. Akismet is the WordPress spam filter and is amazingly good at filtering out spam comments.

  3. youcansellmorebooks

    I have a few blogs that may be of interest:

    Chronic Illness Pain Support (My personal blog)

    National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week

    Daily Devotionals for the Chronically Ill

  4. Hey there, I read your blog and find it helpful. :-). I have Ehlers-Danlos and all the “fun” stuff associate with it. As far as the crutches name.. I just call mine the Sticks. *shrug* not exactly creative. lol. Anyway here is my blog.