Laughter is the best medicine

Welcome to this week’s ‘Laughter is the best medicine’.

This SNL skit of Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Amy Posser as Hilary Clinton is brilliant.  Tina Fey just nails Palin’s accent – it quite frightening actually.

Keeping on the Sarah Palin theme is this wonderful picture from Pundit Kitchen

The people behind LOLCats have launched LOLCelebs and they are just priceless. Here are my favourite ones;

From the world of bizarre news stories comes this story from the Sydney Morning Herald about a fashion show in Japan to celebrate adult nappies.

This was all to make nappies appear more attractive. I’m sorry, but nappies will never be attractive even if supermodels wear them on the catwalk.

That is all for this week’s Laughter is the best medicine.  I hope it brought a smile to your face.

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5 responses to “Laughter is the best medicine

  1. That Palin/Clinton skit was extraordinarily well-done. It’s a keeper!

    It’s funny. I have the same reaction to fruits and veggies as Cookie Monster.

    Thanks for the laughs!

  2. Yay Cookie Monster! Darn right! (I don’t like how they’ve changed Sesame Street… “Cookies are a sometimes food”?? He’s Cookie Monster!)

    And I have to agree about the adult diapers… not attractive. Although if you want interesting and offbeat, Japan certainly has that…

  3. Kitrona – I totally agree. For the Cookie Monster, cookies should not be a sometimes food. Aren’t their parents supposed to teach their kids about healthy food choices and not the TV?

    Makes me really grumpy how some parents want society to raise their kids and instil values in them instead of doing it themselves. You are a parent, it is your job to raise your kids and if you can’t be bothered doing it, then why did you have kids in the first place?

    Hmm… for a comment on a humour thread, it turned out to be rather ranty, didn’t it. My apologies.

  4. Oh how I *snort*ed! They all cracked me up. Here, whenever anyone is being an idiot we look at them and say ‘And I can see Russia from my house!’

  5. Kelley: I totally need to start doing that to people at my work.