“We may never find out what is wrong”

Today I had an appointment with a neurologist. After going through my complete medical history (again) and some basic neurologicial tests, my neurologist scheduled me for a nerve conduction test and an electromyography (EMG).  This website has a great description of what the tests involve and what they are looking for.  I am particularly looking forward to the EMG where they insert a needle into my muscles…not.

My neurologist admitted that they may never find out what is going on with me, but said that what I was experiencing is not normal and unlike my first rheumatologist the reason for this is not because I am depressed or because it is all in my head.  He thinks that there is an autoimmune component to my symptoms but since it isn’t really appearing in my blood tests there is little that they can do except give me medication to try to treat my symptoms.  Also,  I need to learn to live with my symptoms and adjust my life to deal with them.

Part of me is disappointed that whatever is going on with me may never be identified.  I am not sure what the big deal is having a name for my symptoms but it would be nice to say I am in pain and my mobility bites because of X instead of having no idea.

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2 responses to ““We may never find out what is wrong”

  1. it’d also be nice to have something to actually blame and swear at, i imagine
    hopefully the tests will actually have more answers than the neurologist is expecting. how long until they do the tests?

  2. Rah, I am getting the tests done next Wednesday, so I guess I will find out then if anything abnormal turns up.

    You are right about it being nice to have something to blame. That would be very nice indeed. Also it would be nice to have something to tell all the people who ask me why I have a cane and why I need a seat on the bus – at the moment I am just picking a disease out of the air.