Obscure Diagnosis Bingo

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I had another visit with my rheumatologist today and got back the result of my spinal MRI.  It is all completely normal except for an annular tear on the disc between L5 and S1.  Not really sure what this means, but the report says that it is not impacting on my spinal cord.

My rheumatologist is not sure what is going on with me so has referred me to a neurologist to get his take on all my various symptoms.  If it isn’t anything neurological, then we will keep investigating autoimmue disorders as I have Raynaud’s Disease which can suggest a problem with the immune system.  Therefore, I got another blood test done today to see if any autoimmune markers are present.  I was also tested for Myasthenia gravis which completely stumped the blood collection agency as they had no idea what it was and what they needed to test for it.  A couple of phone calls later they managed to work it out.  Unfortunately, the nurse taking my blood did a really terrible job of it and after spending several minutes digging around my arm with the needle she finally hit the vein.

I am booked into see the neurologist on Tuesday so we will see what he has to say.

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2 responses to “Obscure Diagnosis Bingo

  1. Oh God babe, why can’t it be easy? You have this, take this pill or whatever and all better.


  2. Kelley: It would be nice that whatever is going on would be easily identifiable. However it seems that my body is enjoying being a mystery.