I got my current job just over a year ago when, because of my illness, I could no longer work as a veterinary nurse or veterinary technician as they called in the US. I loved my old job, it was my dream job and illness took it from me. My current job I took because it was in an office (so I could sit down all day) and involved computers. I had no idea what a digital technology solutions company did and knew nothing about the online advertising industry. I walked into a job doing customer support knowing absolutely nothing and it was a very steep learning curve.

On Friday, I was promoted twice from my entry level position (tier 1 customer support). Firstly, to a technical account manager (tier 2 customer support ) and secondly to become the joint team leader of the customer support department. Okay, so my department is small (4 people), but I am now the Operations Team Leader. I am not entirely sure what the involves as it is a brand new position, but I am sure I will soon find out.

Part of me is pretty excited whilst the rest of me is shit scared.  Everyone at work thinks very highly of me and my ability to do this job.  I am so scared that I am not going to live up to their expectations and fuck things up.

Then there is the evil part of me who can’t wait until the brown noser of the department (who was away on Friday) learns that S is now longer our manager and that RV and I are now in charge.  Poor guy has spent so long making sure that S thinks he is the god’s gift to this company whilst showing the rest of us his true colours. Really not sure how he is going to handle it.

Work is certainly going to be interesting for the next couple of weeks.

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4 responses to “Promotion

  1. Congratulations Riayn, that is fantastic! You totally deserve it :)

  2. Hey,many congrats on your promotion. Good luck with it.

  3. Congrats and good luck on the promotion!