Finding the funny side of chronic illness

Chronic illness is pretty depressing – lots of pain, fatigue, mobility impairment and unpleasant medical tests. Your social life becomes non-existent and you mourn for the life you used to have.  However, there is a funny side to chronic illness as you find yourself in strange situations that you would have never imagined when you were healthy.

When I first began taking Lyrica I was warned about the dizziness so I start it on a weekend and spent the whole time wondering who had moved all the walls in my house.  What I was not prepared for was another dose of dizziness a week later whilst walking to work through the Devonshire tunnel with the rest of the rat race.  In front of hundreds of people, I began walking into the tunnel walls. Step, step, run into wall.  Step, step, run into wall.  Highly embarrassing at the time, but damn funny now.  Whilst I don’t have MS, I really wish I was wearing this shirt from Med Tees.

The gorgeous people over at But You Don’t Look Sick have complied a whole page of Sick Humor including You know you have lupus when.., a hysterically funny list containing quite a few things I have done thanks to my lovely illness. Also, on the But You Don’t Look Sick message board is a wonderful list of most embarrassing medical moments.  If you are having a bad day, these stories will definitely put a smile on your face and a blush on your checks as you recall finding yourself in similar situations.

Another site that will provide much laughter is the wonderful Med Tees.  I was having a look at all the shirts this evening and Lelak, my girlfriend, threatened to take my laptop away as I had turned bright red from laughing so hard.

One of my favourite shirts is this one for bilateral leg amputees.

When my IBS is playing up, I want to have a shirt that reads, “My farts hospitalise small children”.  I think it is only fair to warn people.

Ahh, yes, chronic illness, out of so much pain can come so much laughter. It is really the only way we can stay sane.


3 responses to “Finding the funny side of chronic illness

  1. youcansellmorebooks

    Thanks for the laugh. I also wanted to add that How to Cope with Pain Blog added a fun entry that made me laugh, in honor of National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week (this week! We’re having 20 free online seminars with Blog Talk Radio) but check out these photos about “invisible…” Good for a giggle! Called “10 Ways Invisible Can Be Funny”

    Lisa C.

  2. Very cute. I’m a firm believer that the world would be well-served if more of its citizens had more of a sense of humor ;)

  3. too funny!! i can think of a few of my teen/ya rehab patients who would have really appreciated this humor. (as for your tee shirt idea…my dog could use one of those on a daily basis!…he can empty a room!)