Thoughts on the Chronic Pain Forum

Yesterday I attended the Chronic Pain Awareness Week Consumer Forum being held by Chronic Pain Australia at the Art Gallery of NSW.  The day started with a morning tea which allowed everyone to meet in an informal setting before moving to the lecture theatre to start the Forum.  I have mixed feelings about the Forum itself, the lecture giving a medical view on chronic pain and how it affects the nervous system and the Q&A panel with leading experts on chronic pain were really interesting and informative, but the middle two papers on narrative based practice (which was never properly explained) and the importance of reading labels on your medications just left me cold.

However, the reason I went to the Forum in the first place was to meet other people living with chronic pain and I met a fantastic group of people and swapped email addresses.  It was great sitting around lunch sharing our tales of navigating the medical system and dealing with doctors who didn’t have a clue. It was a bit frightening that everyone had the same experience of doctors not believing them and treating them inappropriately.  There is a real problem with doctors, especially GPs, in Australia not knowing what to do with patients who experience chronic pain.  Maybe with more information being out there and the promotion of Chronic Pain Australia, this huge knowledge hole can be filled and patients in the future won’t have to go through the trials that we did to get decent medical treatment.

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One response to “Thoughts on the Chronic Pain Forum

  1. I have a SCS and it has been a life saver. I have utilized the support website that ANS (St. Jude Medical) has been so wonderful in providing as a resource for my initial interest in SCS. ANS seems to truly care for their patients and have a whole lot of resources available in aiding in the neurostimulator process. I was able to connect with full time volunteers that have a neurostimulator and they were able to provide me with support and first hand experience with their device. Please visit for additional tools, educational materials, and support on neurostimulation. This has been a valuable tool for me as I hope it can prove to do the same for you and your chronic pain.

    Also, I found 2 articles in the news about Spinal Stimulators…cemakerforpain…ain_foltz.html