Priority Seating

I am getting sick and tired of people sitting in seats that has the huge sticker next to them saying “Priority Seating: Please vacate for a disabled or less mobile person” who just look at me when I get on the crowded bus and don’t offer me a seat.  Public transport really reduces people to their basest level and the result is never pretty.

Therefore, I got had a real good laugh about today’s entry on Sydney Morning Herald‘s Column 8…

“Isha’s comments reminded me of a lovely story I heard about a pregnant lady on the Gosford-to-Sydney train,” writes Alison Webster, of Westleigh (Rude blokes not offering seats, Column 8, yesterday). “Unlike Isha, she was not obviously pregnant but was feeling very nauseous and unwell, and asked a gentleman if he would mind giving up his seat for her. He said he wouldn’t, and several other passengers offered her a seat – she declined. About two minutes later, she threw up into the gentleman’s lap and when he tried to stand up, the other passengers wouldn’t let him. He had to sit with vomit on his lap all the way to Sydney. Served him right, I say!”

I hope that every single bastard that looks at me when I get on the bus with my cane and doesn’t offer me a seat gets thrown up on by a pregnant woman.  Karmic retribution is a bitch.

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2 responses to “Priority Seating

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    may puke find those bastards!

  2. LOVE IT!!! Bwaaaa haaaa haaaaaa!

    And hugs babe. That sucks. My dad has a limp (needs hip replacement) and is blind. No one EVER gives their seat up for him or even acknowledges him. People need to get a clue and realise how fortunate they are to not be in pain.

    I am vibing huge bleeding haemorrhoids for those bastards babe, may they never want to sit again! And you can have any seat you need.