A Healing At Central Station

This evening, I was walking through Central Station during the evening rush hour when a young woman approached me and told me that the Holy Spirit had compelled her to come over and talk to me.  She introduced herself and told me that she was from South Africa and studying to be a pastor.  She then wanted to know if I was Christian. ‘Oh great’, I thought, ‘she is going to try to convert me’.

She then told me that the Holy Spirit compelled her to pray for me to heal my sickness.  Sure, not a problem.  I don’t believe, but if a random stranger wants to pray for me, I don’t have an issue with it.  Then she wanted to know my name and what was wrong with me.  I told her my name and that I had lupus.  It is easier than explaining that my doctors think I have lupus plus perhaps a neurological disorder, but really they don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me.

She then told me that the Holy Spirit had told her that my illness was in my stomach.  Obviously the Holy Spirit isn’t too bright because I don’t think a stomach ache is going to mean that I walk funny and need a cane.  I corrected her and she blushed and said that she was still studying.

I tried to walk away thinking that she would pray for me during her evening prayer session, but she stopped me, laid her hands on me and started praying loudly for the Holy Spirit to cast out my demons and cure my sickness.  I tried desperately not to laugh because the whole situation was so absurd.  Here I was standing in the middle of Central Station during rush hour with a woman laying her hands on me and praying loudly for my demons to be cast out.

After praying for about a minute she then proclaimed me healed by the Holy Spirit! I finally escaped, but the Holy Spirit doesn’t seem to be good at healing either cause my walking hasn’t improved and I am still in pain.  Maybe I just won’t have stomach aches any more.


5 responses to “A Healing At Central Station

  1. That reminds me of the time a posse of Christians got me and started to have a chat. I wasn’t able to escape so let them chat, though inwardly I was wishing they would leave me alone. They were gabbling on about their stuff as though I’d never heard of Christianity… and when I had to respond I mentioned I was more interested in spirituality. Didn’t want to debate them, so kept it deliberately vague. Their response – oh, I should reject the newfangled stuff for the older and wiser Christ. I didn’t have the heart to point out to them that the spirituality I was referring to dates back a few hundred years BC – before Christ – so could hardly count as newfangled. But, I wished them well because they were pretty harmless.

    I like the Christians who brighten up parts of Sarf Lahndahn where I now live because while they are evangelical, they are polite and friendly and don’t take offence when politely refused. They also don’t insist on continuing to invade personal space.

  2. The holy spirit moves in mysterious ways ;o)

  3. Maybe you just needed to sleep on it…your feeling all healed this morning tho aren’t you?! It just takes awhile to for it to work.

    If only it were that easy :(

  4. That’s just fuckin’ weird!

  5. Thomas Suters

    Hi Riayn,
    Speaking of hand manipulation to heal internal disease, I just noticed this Meetup Group at http://qt.meetup.com/79/, the organiser of which is supposed to be a practicioner of E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Techniques). But his name is not on the list of Australian practisioners at http://www.emofree.com/Practitioners/referralMain.aspx
    but he may not necessarily be associated with Gary Craigs group. But it is interesting. The video is certainly worthy to watch. I think I heard Fibrosis mentioned in there as something that EFT may cure but I may be wrong. If it is as simple as accupuncture combined with hand “tapping”?