As The Sun Falls

As The Sun Falls

As The Sun Falls

I have had a hectic social life the past two nights.  On Thursday night, I went to see Jess McAvoy launch her new album, “As The Sun Falls” at the Hopetoun.  It was a great gig, but with all gigs they somehow manage to get one support band that doesn’t really fit in with the theme of the evening. This one was a alternative country band who wore a hell of a lot of flannel and probably explained why half the audience was your country trucker crowd whilst the other half was your singer/songwriter lesbian group. It was extremely weird.

Jess’ set was amazing as always.  She is an extremely humble performer who seems constantly amazed that people would turn up to watch her perform.  She is definitely up there in my list of musicians I love seeing live. Her new album is fantastic, so if you love singer songwriters or damn good music, please buy a copy. You can have a listen to her music at her My Space page.

Jess did a guest post on my other blog Dancing About Architecture about how technology affects the independent artist last month.  After the gig, she gave me a big hug and thanked me for letting her post on my blog and reminded me that I still haven’t sent her through any questions for her interview, so if you have any questions you like an independent singer songwriter to answer, please send them through.

We got home from the gig around 1am and getting up to go to work yesterday was hard.  However, instead of doing the intelligent thing and resting last night, I went with Lela and her workmates to farewell a fellow workmate.  We had dinner at the Rumbatan Thai restaurant in Surry Hills.  Because there was 13 of us, we had to have the banquet.  I was extremely impressed how they made sure that the vegetarians had things they could eat and even made special dishes for them.  However, the entrees were brought out extremely slowly – about 15 minutes between each one and there was about four of them.  It made dinner just drag on and whilst it was nice to sit at chat to people, we didn’t sit down to dinner until 9pm so it made for a very long night.   What I wasn’t impressed about was the $85 “service charge” that whacked into the bill.  Yes, the service was great and they made sure that our water glasses was always full, but geez, it wasn’t worth $85.  It made the whole evening ridiculously expensive.

I am paying for having two late nights in a row today, but it was definitely worth it.

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