The Perfect Test For Claustrophobia

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This morning, I headed to St Vincent’s Hospital for my spinal MRI.  To have an MRI you have to answer a long questionnaire to ensure that you have nothing metal in your body that is going to force its way out of you when they stick you in the machine. I can imagine there is nothing more unpleasant than your pacemaker being ripped out of your chest.

I was then instructed to get changed into one of those lovely hospital gown with the opening down to back which look highly unflattering.  Then I was taken into the room containing the MRI machine, which was absolutely freezing cold, laid down on the table and had my head put in a plastic bracket to hold it in place.  I was given a buzzer to squeeze if I needed help and a set of earplugs, and was then slid into the machine.

Being in the machine was the perfect test for claustrophobia as the ceiling of the MRI was about 15cm away from my nose.  Also the damn thing is so loud when it is scanning you.  It felt like I was trapped in a plastic tube at a really bad dance party.

After 30 minutes of having to stay perfectly still, I was pulled out of the machine and sent on my way.  Whilst it wasn’t a painful procedure, it wasn’t the way I wanted to spend my Sunday morning.

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5 responses to “The Perfect Test For Claustrophobia

  1. I had my first MRI this past Tuesday for my right shoulder – I was lucky in that they gave me an eye cover so it was more relaxing than knowing you are in bizarre tube.

    Yes wasn’t it loud and strange? Freaky. Hope all is ok with you.

  2. Zuzu: Hopefully there is nothing seriously wrong with your shoulder. Some eye covers would have been nice.
    I still can’t get over how loud it is and this is the second MRI I have had.

  3. I am terribly claustrophobic so no idea how I’d go. Hope you’re okay. {{{HUGS}}}

  4. i love the name of your new blog, but i am sorry to hear you are still struggling to find a diagnosis. my close friend needs to have sedation get her mri’s,…it’s that bad for her. i am keeping you in my thoughts…hopefully you will soon get to the bottom of this

  5. I know how you feel. I had to be taken out of the MRI machine twice before I could get into it, and decided I would *never* get one again. It felt like being buried alive.