It might be lupus…

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Yesterday I went back to see my rheumatologist on the urging of my physiotherapist who didn’t want me to wait until October to see her.  It was probably a good thing to as the current medication I was on was really not helping with the pain.  My rheumatologist and I went over my blood test results from when I saw her in July.  I have a positive ANA result (1:80) which was speckled in appearance.  A positive ANA result can mean there is an autoimmune disease like lupus present so I need to be retested in September to see what is going on there.  I also have a borderline low Vitamin B12 level.  A low Vitamin B12 can cause problems with your nervous system, so I got re-tested again yesterday and if it is still low I will have to get B12 injections.

I am also booked in on Sunday (yes, Sunday) to have a spinal MRI done to make sure I have nothing weird going on with my spinal cord which would account for the problems I am currently having with my legs.  I also have some shiny new medication, Lyrica, which is for neurpathic pain, to see if that helps reduce the pain in my legs.

So the medical merry-go-round still continues turning.  Being a House fan, I am amused that lupus is still on the table because as any House fan knows, “it is never lupus”.

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