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Today, I headed down to the YMCA on Harris Street, better known as the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, as they have a hydrotherapy pool there that is available for use by the public.  My physio wants me to give walking and floating in the warm hydrotherapy pool a go and see if it helps my muscles.

The Aquatic Centre looks fantastic and contains a 50m Olympic sized swimming pool for doing laps, a recreational pool with water fountain for kids to play in, a hydrotherapy pool, sauna and fitness centre. Prices are also reasonable – $6.20 entry fee for adults to use any of the pools.

When I first went into the hydrotherapy pool, it was just me in there, but I was soon joined by two dads who were more than happy to let their kids dive bomb into the hydrotherapy pool, scream and splash.  The lifeguards didn’t seem to mind the kids playing in the hydrotherapy pool, the only time they reacted is when one of the kids ran around the outside of the pool.  I guess they didn’t want Little Johnny falling over and his daddy sueing the Centre.  It was my understanding that the hydrotherapy pool was for people with medical conditions who need a pool containing warm water and railings so that they can exercise, not for your fucking precious children to use because the water is warmer than the recreational pool. It really was not the relaxing experience I was hoping for.

Still I walked around the pool quite a few times, avoiding the dive bombing children as much as possible and did some underwater pedalling exercises in the deep end.  I also did some jogging as well.  I went and hung out in the recreational pool for a time, when I was ready to bitchslap those arrogant pricks and their annoying loin fruit.  There was two kids in the recreational pool who was so much better behaved.  I would have preferred to exercise in there, but the water just wasn’t warm enough to be doing my muscles any good.

I stayed for about an hour and then headed back home.  I am not sure if the hydrotherapy did any good as my muscles still ached. Still, it was nice to be able to get out of the house and actually do something somewhat physical for a change.

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