Trying NOT to do housework

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I had physio yesterday and my physio was not happy with the state of my muscles.  They were tight, tense and hard.  Nor was she happy to hear that I was so sore after my last session.  We worked on getting my muscles elongated and relaxed as much as we could.  However, after my session I was told to make an appointment with my rheumatologist asap and to not do anything, including housework for all of next week.  The only thing I am allowed to do is go to a hydrotherapy pool and float and do some gentle walking.

Now you might think that just sitting on your butt and doing nothing is easily achieved.  Unfortunately for me, it isn’t.  I can’t spend the entire day doing nothing.  I have to do something.

Take today for instance, my day of not doing housework has involved me doing four loads of laundry and bushing out two dogs, one who is part husky, and both blowing their winter coats.  I think that is considered more of a good workout than doing nothing at all.  My excuse is that the dog wash lady is coming today – actually she is here and is bathing Rory, and I wanted to get all the excess hair out of their coats so that their bath is actually effective.

So, yeah, a big fat FAIL for me today in my mission to do nothing.  I have this coming week off work and I will attempt to do nothing more strenous than go and lay in a hydrotherapy pool and go to all my medical appointments.  I guess we will see how that goes.

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One response to “Trying NOT to do housework

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    I think that on certain days, I can gladly and easily do a crap load of nothing. Well, that’s only if you count reading, watch TV or movies or shopping as the nothing part of nothing.