An Unexpected Vacation

Australian basketball player Lauren Jackson.Image via Wikipedia

I am off work for the next two days as I have done some damage to my left thumb thanks to my thumb joints being hypermobile.  The doctor really isn’t sure what I have done because honestly how often do you see someone in your office who can dislocate their thumbs as naturally as bending a finger.  She thinks I have probably inflammed some ligaments so I can’t work for the next two days and when I go back on Friday I am not allowed to use my left hand to type.  Typing one handed is seriously driving me insane – it feels so unnatural and takes so bloody long.

Fortunately, I picked up the latest installment in Elizabeth Moon’s Vatta War series before I went to the doctor’s last night, so I have a really good book to read whilst I try not to use my left hand for anything.

Tonight, I am heading off to the Entertainment Centre to see the Australia Opals (Women’s basketball team) play Brazil in a warm up game to the Beijing Olympics.  I am so excited to see Lauren Jackson and Penny Taylor play in Australia again, plus the girls from my home team Sydney Flames that made it onto the Olympic squad.  We have front row seats right behind the Opals bench, so we will be up close to all the action.

Now to get through the day without killing all the telemarketers that keep calling.

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