The Truth Is Out There, Somewhere

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I used to be a huge fan of The X-Files.  I watched every episode, I chatted about it online, I read fanfiction and I owned most of the books written about the series.  Therefore, when the new X-Files opened on Thursday night, I was there along with my similarly obsessed friends.  We went to the 7:15pm session at Reading Cinema and were pretty much the only ones in the theatre.  I can’t tell if that is because no one goes to the Reading Cinema or that after 7 years after the series ended no one is really interested in it anymore.

My thoughts about the film are mixed.  I loved seeing Mulder and Scully again.  It was like catching up with old friends you haven’t seen in years. But I hated how if they were alone and not talking about the case they would have the exact same conversation over and over again.  By about the fourth time, you wanted to throw something at them.  The storyline was interesting, but nothing out of this world.  It was based on some scientific studies that I remember reading about a couple of years ago, which made it extremely interesting to me personally but probably not that interesting to anyone else.

My overall view was that it would have made a great double episode, but it didn’t make a great movie.  If you are a fan of The X-Files definitely go and see it.  The nostalgia is worth the price of the ticket.  However, if you were not a big fan, wait until the DVD is out.  You will lose nothing by seeing it on the small screen.

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5 responses to “The Truth Is Out There, Somewhere

  1. what about the “perve on david duchovny” factor? i never got into the x files, but i’m tempted to perve on larger-than-life hank moody ;o)

  2. Rah: The perve on David Duchovny factor is there but I much prefer the perve on Gillian Anderson factor.

  3. LOL at your response to rah babe!

    thanks for the heads up. Now if only someone warned me about that don’t mess with the Zohan movie!

  4. Kel: If you asked me, I would have told you how bad the Zohan movie was and that was just from watching the preview and unfortunately having to be involved with the online advertising for it.

  5. Hi. Loved seeing it with you guys. Pretty much agree with your comments on it. I was in Leicester Square for the UK premiere and saw all the people lining up. I guessed Gillian might have been there and was tempted a bit to join them. But, I didn’t. Too zonked. Found out later both she and David were there, but neither seemed too pleased to be there. Ah well. The series is still fun :-)