The best laid plans

Today I had planned to go to work and then head off to the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre which is close by work to use their hydrotherapy pool for some gentle walking exercises as recommended by my physio.  However at 2pm, I got a phone call from the neighbours behind me saying that my beagle Rory had broken through the back fence and was in their yard.  I rushed home from work to find my German Shepherd cross, Caleb was thankfully still in the yard but extremely stressed that Rory had disappeared.

Our back fence has always been a bit dodgy so we had placed a bamboo fence against it to keep the dogs from breaking though it.  The dogs had pulled part of the bamboo fence down and pushed a pailing out and Rory had gotten through.  Caleb, fortunately, was too big. I retrieved Rory from the neighbours and tried to talk to them about replacing the fence, but they are a very old couple and were more focused on how cute Rory was then talking to me about the fence.  The husband hammered the pailing back in place and I went and brought some string and have tied the bamboo fence to the wooden fence to endeavour to keep the dogs in.

This is the second time in 6 days that Rory has broken through the fence and gotten out.  Last time she got out in the tiny gay between our back shed and the fence, which we have now blocked with a bookcase.

The fence definitely needs to be replaced.  Looking at the neighbour’s place, it is in disrepair and all their fences are in bad condition.  I just don’t think they have the money to replace our joint fence, so we might have to foot the entire bill.  We will have to go around and discuss it with them.

Until then, we will just have to hope that our repairs keep the dogs in the backyard.


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