Joining the dieting bandwagon

After my trip to the physiotherapist, I am signing up to The Bloggest Loser – a weight loss challenge for bloggers. Why is that?  Well, when I entered the room, my physio asked if I had diabetes, when I responded no, she asked if I had recently been tested.  Turns out I have the perfect shape for a diabetic as I carry all my extra weight around my belly.  So, it is weight loss time before I actually develop diabetes, cause I really don’t need another chronic health problem.

I am going to try out the Low GI Diet which is recommended for people with type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes.  It is supposed to even out my blood sugar spikes and help me lose weight. It is all about eating the right kind of carbohydrates and staying away from high sugar-high fat foods.

I am saying goodbye to my two bottles of Ice Tea I drink every day and the unhealthy lunch choices I sometimes make like pide and chicken schnitzel sandwiches. I am going to drink more water and eat more salads and sushi for lunch.

I am going to hate every single minute of it, but I have to do it.

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5 responses to “Joining the dieting bandwagon

  1. you’ll find it easier as you go along – and if you remember to stick to things like brown rice, multigrain bread, porridge, you’ll be halfway there :) i’m also a fan of the CSIRO healthy eating books, if you wanna check ’em out

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  3. Keep your mind open and you will find foods that fit within your new lifestyle that you actually like. Within a short time of dropping the simple (evil) carbs from your diet and replacing them with complex (good) carbs and high quality proteins (very good) like fish, poultry and nuts, you won;t really miss that old stuff. Now’s the time to experiment! Find new things and enjoy your new lifestyle.

  4. Rah: I have heard a lot of good things about the CSIRO diet, but unfortunately, it doesn’t translate well over to a vegetarian diet.

    Dr M: You are right, the diet is not that bad.

  5. I’m a fan of the low Gi and the CSIRO, really the basics are the same, lots of fruit and veg and whole grains.