Hell with fluorescent lighting

I used to enjoy my job.  I liked the people and I liked the work, but something has changed over the last 4 months. It has gone from a fun place to work to a place where management thinks it is okay to bully and harass staff.  Just when you think it can’t get any worse, management finds a new way to destroy your soul.

We have had two staff member resign within a couple of days from each other because of the way they have been treated by management.  Even then management didn’t let up, they kept up their regime of harassment, one staff member was told to leave a week early one hour before close of business so we could not have a proper farewell for her and the other staff member was bullied by management on her last day and left in tears.

I am getting out of there as soon as I have a new job as is most of my department, which is now down to four people.  Still the stress of having to deal with all this shit is not doing me any good.  Every morning as I head into work I wonder how bad the day is going to be and if I will finally crack and speak my mind which will no doubt get me fired.


8 responses to “Hell with fluorescent lighting

  1. I really hope something comes up with these applications you have sent off. It sounds so bloody awful and getting worse by the day :(

  2. So do I. I am not sure how long I can keep my mouth shut and just smile and nod.
    I have already been accused by management of spreading a negative vibe throughout the team when I questioned a stupid new procedure.

  3. Accused of spreading a negative vibe translates to “you are not agreeing with our point of view”. Well my response to hat would be ‘wake up and smell the fuckn’ coffee sunshine’.

    Seriously though, let that toxic environment consume itself and work to get yourself gainfully employed elsewhere!

  4. Babe, I don’t know how to say this. Just look after yourself and please please try no to let their negativity get to you too much. And I am hoping you will find something asap.

    No one deserves to be treated like that. It can flow into your personal life and destroy you if you let it. Trust me. I know.

  5. woah, while a pile of shite
    glad you’ve been applying for jobs, then

  6. Hi Riayn,

    what Kelley said. Look after yourself, get a better job, life is too short for assholes.

    I know you could do better.

    Best regards, Andrew

  7. I really hope you get something else soon then. Sounds like they won’t have any employees at this rate.

  8. Thanks for all your support.

    Kelley, you are right, working in such a bad environment does affect your personal life. I come home all grumpy and moody and rant at poor Lelak about how much I hate it.

    Kay, all of the support team bar one person (who is our department mole) are planning on leaving, including A who is heading off on 2 months maternity leave in 3 weeks time. The only person not planning on leave is The Mole. He loves the fact our manager hates us all, in fact he has been fuelling some of it by dobbing us in for various things.

    James, I would love to say “wake up and smell the fuckin’ coffee sunshine” to my manager, perhaps I will include that phrase in my resignation letter.