Earth Hour

Earth HourOn Saturday 29th Saturday at 8pm, the world is going to turn off its lights for one hour to help bring awareness to our environment and how we are damaging it by living beyond our world’s resources. Earth Hour last year was a Sydney only event, but this year it is going global. All you have to do to take part is to turn your lights off for one hour at 8pm. If you feel so inspired, you can make it a real event by holding a candlelight dinner for your family or friends or by having a night-time picnic in a park overlooking your city and just seeing what it looks like with all the lights turned off.

I really want to take part in Earth Hour, but like last year, I am going to be out. Last year I was seeing a production of “Sunday in the Park with George” and this year I will be at a Patty Griffin concert. I seem to always end up in a place that produces more greenhouse gases in one night than my house does in over a month.

Next year, I promise to actually take part in Earth Hour.


One response to “Earth Hour

  1. riayn i am so jealous…patty griffin!!!!! her ‘mad mission’ is one of my all time very favorite songs ever! we saw her in charleston last august & i have some photos from that awesome night on my blog (aug. 2007 archives). i hope you have a fab time!