Solving A Mystery

Toilet PaperI mentioned in this post about how some woman at my work was leaving sheets of toilet paper lying on the bathroom floor on a daily basis. Now the sheets started appearing at the same time our new receptionist started. I didn’t want to automatically accuse her as someone else could have coincidentally started a bad habit at the same time. However, today she was away and the bathroom floor remained spotless. The bathroom floor has now remained spotless on all three occasions she has been out of the office. The evidence is stacking up against her. If she is back tomorrow and the toilet paper returns, I will know who to point the finger at.

I have also been wondering how the toilet paper is ending up on the floor. Yeah, I know I am a sad individual, but I love solving a good mystery. My hypothesis is that she is creating a seat protector out of toilet paper so that she doesn’t have to put her ass on the toilet seat. When she gets up, the paper slides off the seat and then she leaves it on the floor – cause obviously she doesn’t want to touch it. I wonder if she has ever stopped to think that no one else really want to touch her butt-check toilet paper either.


6 responses to “Solving A Mystery

  1. What a sleuth! Reckon you’ll say anything?

    Loo paper – grrr. I sympathise with you on changing the roll – what’s the big drama? Whenever I go out, I feel like the designated roll changer. Seriously, it’s not that hard – hey?

  2. Ohmigosh flashback time.
    About 7 years ago I was a sales manager in a place where a battle royale started over the ladies loo.
    The owner got involved and took one lady’s side over the other – ewwww that was an ugly afternoon – two of the women involved never spoke to each other again.
    The grand finale – one of the two not speaking women was involved in a special project where the other women’s husband had been hired as a consultant at a really good rate. She tendered her resignation on a Friday afternoon. On Monday morning the other woman’s husband was told the project was over thank you very much, and was out the door jobless 7 minutes after he arrived.
    That afternoon the woman who resigned quietly walked in and sat down at her desk.
    She had been rehired with a raise.
    She was known as the power broker after that.
    As for me I used the bathroom at the movie theater down the street for about a month just to be out of the whole thing!

  3. I love a good bathroom mystery! You’re probably right about her making her own protector sheet and then leaving it lay there after. What’s wrong with her using another sheet to pick up the ones she leaves on the floor? People never cease to amaze me. Cripes.

  4. LA Blogger Gal

    But that’s just so wrong. I’d start with the passive aggressive sign on the back of each stall door (they have that at my hubs office). And yeah, why can’t she pick her own butt paper up with a new piece of paper?!? Some people just don’t care about anyone but themselves and that just sucks.

  5. Meg: I am really bad at confrontation, so I probably won’t say anything.

    Frances: Wow, that is taking things to a whole new level.

    Kathy and LA Blogger: You are both right, it is gross that someone would just drop their “butt protector” paper on the floor and leave it for someone else to pick up.

  6. I’m always amazed at the garbage people will leave for the cleaning people. There’s a difference between being a little messy and being slobs. I often clean up the ladies room as much as possible, putting everything in the trash (using another clean paper towel to pick things up). The cleaning staff has a hard enough job without us being pigs.