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StreamersWelcome to this Ultimate Blog Shindig. There is finger food on the table, cold beer and soft drinks (soda) in the fridge and someone is firing up the BBQ. Come in, sit down and feel free to stay as long as you like. As you wander around this blog it will be immediately obvious to you that this blog isn’t like the others you have visited on the party circuit. I am not a parent and I have no desire to have children, but then again, you have probably seen a few child free blogs in your partying. However, I can almost guarantee that this is the first lesbian blog you have come to party at. The longer you stay, the more I hope you come to realise that everything the media and religious organisations have told you about gay people isn’t always true. My life is very similar to yours; I get up in the mornings, I walk my dogs, I go to my 9 to 5 job, I came home and walk the dogs again, I cook dinner, I watch TV and I go to bed. I am in a long term relationship with my gorgeous girlfriend Lelak that has lasted almost 8 years. We own our own home and like everyone else we are struggling to pay the mortgage. When we get together with our friends – both gay and straight, we tend to have BBQ and dinner parties. There are usually a few kids around belong to both straight and gay parents. As you can see, it is all very normal. Not the sin, sex, drugs and depravity that everyone told you about, is it?

Now that the gay acceptance speech is over, that is pretty much as serious as it gets around here. I like to keep things fairly upbeat, unless I am ranting about things, then it can get a little serious. This blog is a reflection of my life. It contains bits and pieces about my daily life, the things I love to do and discussions about things close to my heart or that get me really pissed off. I am your typical thirty something lesbian geek. I work in tech support in an industry very few people understand. I love sci-fi TV and TV that makes me think. Actually, if you want to know more about me, this post explains a few things.

So please wander around, say hello to everyone, ask as many questions as you like and if you want want to hang around for a while, I would be very happy to have you here.


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  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Stacey Derbinshire

  2. hi Riayn ,
    great post – time to party on hey ! I am another Aussie blogger I have seen you around the forums. I am still working my way through the Aussie blogrolls.
    I love finger food – so easy to eat while blogging and partying away.
    Have a great week.

  3. Always a good read ;)

  4. Wandered over from 30-something Bloggers. Nice to meet a fellow dog lover!

  5. Didn’t realize you were a fellow She Who Blogs member when I commented on your previous party post. We have even more in common then…I love me some barbecues and also? First thing in the morning? The dogs and me out walking ;)

  6. I love Architecture as well so the name of your blog caught me eye. Nice to meet you! I hope you have a great day!

  7. Miss Expatria

    A lesbian geek who can barbecue! I am so being your friend.

  8. Well, I think we can party, but I am much more neglectful of my dog so when she finds out how many walks your dogs go on she will probably try to defect! I found you on through the Thirty Somethings! Next bbq I am so there!!

  9. Stacey: Thanks so much for adding me to your blog reader. It is always a huge honour when people want to reading my blog on a daily basis.

    Trish: I have seen you on the forums too. Always great to meet a fellow Aussie blogger.

    Jayne: Thank you so much!

    Jodi: A fellow dog lover is always welcome around here. At least they don’t comment on how everything is covered in dog hair.

    Bleeding Espresso: A fellow early morning dog walker. Only my dogs can get me out of bed at 6am, otherwise I wouldn’t move until I absolutely had to.

    Marcia: Thanks for dropping by.

    Miss Expatria: Isn’t mandatory to be able to BBQ if you are a dyke? :) If you love dykes who can BBQ, you can so be my friend.

    Amy: I won’t tell your dog, if you don’t. See you at the next BBQ.

  10. Thanks for the party. I love bar-b-q. Just so you know, I acccept everyone for who and what they are. After all it is our Gay, or straight we are all human, we are all unique. In God’s eyes we are all his children. And it would have been a pretty boring world if God would have made us all alike. If you get the chance stop by my place and party for a little while. ~Brenda

  11. I’m inviting you to party with me!

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  12. cool site…

  13. I love architecture, too. I almost became an interior designer, actually, but then switched to graphic design. Studying the history of architecture in my art history classes was one of my favorite topics. Hope you have a great big turn out at your party! Have fun!!!

  14. you are hillarious!nice to meet you. never done the party blog before but its pretty interesting so far!

  15. Oh I’m so bringing the 2-4 next time I’m coming for a party. Enjoy the party! I’ve got a flaming lambourgini on mine if you feel like one. Nice to meet ya — Thanks and see you around!!

  16. Cheers to you! Love to meet everyone at the party!

  17. Love seeing you at the party and I’m still giggling at “This way I can guarantee I can fit into them, my clothes won’t have frilly crap on them, be pink or cost twice as much” from your “about me” post. You would HATE shopping with me, but I like reading your blog already!

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