Websites for Women

A brand new news and social networking site for women is being launched this Saturday (US Time). The site, called The Women On the Web, is designed for the over 40s and boasts contributors such as Candice Bergen, Joan Juliet Buck, Whoopi Goldberg, Marlo Thomas, Lily Tomlin, Joan Cooney, Judith Martin, Sheila Nevins, Julia Reed and Jane Wagner. Its founders’ state “it’s time that a mature or seasoned or empowered generation had a strong presence, and not one about finding a man or about matchmaking or about taking care of your daughter” and I couldn’t agree more. I hate that almost every site out there for women is about finding love, getting married, getting pregnant or raising kids. None of those things are inapplicable to my life and yet I am still a woman. Even sites out there for lesbians are still about finding love, getting pregnant and raising kids. It is like that is all a woman is expected to do with her life. Where are the sites for women to talk about current events, important issues and other worthy topics that have nothing to do with our reproductive organs? Even though I am seven years too young for this site, I will be checking in on Sunday morning and seeing what it is all about. Hopefully, I will have found a site for women that is more about the brain than the body.


3 responses to “Websites for Women

  1. You forgot weight loss. A woman should always look her best ;-)

    It looks like it might be interesting – and I hope my twinge of cynicism is proven wrong!

  2. Naomi – Oh gods, how could I forget about weight loss, beauty tips and fashion! They make up the bulk of “women” sites and except for weight loss I not interested in any of them.
    The new site does sound like a really interesting concept, but it could be executed very badly. I guess we shall see on Sunday.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be there also checking it out.