Unusual Search Results

I love looking at the things people search on that brings them to my blog.  One phrase that keeps turning up time and time again is “pap smear horror stories” which is related to this post.  Since it keeps turning up every couple of days, I thought I must rate fairly highly on this keyword search.  So I plugged the phrase into Google and starting looking for my entry. I went past the post “Signs that your husband might be gay” and fan fiction story about”pregnant Vampire Bella” (whoever she might be), stumbled across Kelley’s post about the douche bag on page 28 and kept on going.  I gave up at page 71.

I then headed over to Yahoo and did the same thing.  For reasons which I do not want to know there are a lot of vampire sites with the phrase pap smear in them. I also did not need to know about the Harry Potter fan fiction where all the girls needed a pap smear and the boys needed a sperm count.  My life would have been just fine without that image in my head.  I gave up looking at page 50 and began looking for a good stiff drink.

I have no idea how people are finding their way to my blog based on that keyword search.  They must spend hours going through all those search results to finally come to my site.  I just hope it was worth it.


2 responses to “Unusual Search Results

  1. Bizarre that they get my blog. For two reasons. I don’t remember mentioning pap smears and apparently Google doesn’t know my blog exists.

    Googling weirdos are weird.

  2. I have no idea how I ended up here…I think I googled “feminist art blog”. I was looking for some like-minded people.

    So: if indeed you are a thirty-something lesbian geek, as you claim, you’re probably into Le Tigre, and might want to check out http://artingstarvist.blogspot.com. I spent the last year painting a portrait of every single person from their song ‘Hot Topic’, so I’ve got everyone from Kathleen Hanna to Aretha Franklin to The Butchies up there.

    No pap smear horror stories for me, but I wish you luck on reaching number one on the search engines without having to personally encounter any creepy doctor with metal speculums.