Rainy Thursday in the city

It has been a wet and windy day here in Sydney.  I am sitting at my work desk watching the rain fall and dreading when I have to go out into it.  I am just loving having a desk right next to a window.  It gives me a feeling of space and I must admit I am a sticky beak, so I am loving doing some people watching during my work day.

Tonight, I am off to a GLBTI Bloggers Meetup at the Courthouse Hotel in Newtown.  I am really looking forward to meeting some queer bloggers.  I feel quite disconnected from the queer community, so it would be nice to make some ties into it.  Also, I really need to go out and expand my social network beyond my small circle of friends.  Previous Sydney Bloggers meetups have been great for getting me out of the house and meeting and talking to new people.  I just need to do more of it with various groups of people.


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