Frivolous Spending

It is my birthday in about a week and a half and my parents are going to be in town this weekend.  My Nanna has sent down with them $200 which I have been ordered to spend on something “frivolous” for myself.  My habit of pocketing my birthday money and spending it on everyday living expenses is well known and apparently, according to my Nan, has to stop.

The problem is there is nothing I want.  I have no idea what to spend the money on.  However, my mother is taking me out shopping tomorrow to ensure that I do spend it, so I need to buy something.  I thought maybe some DVDs, I had already planned to buy Stardust and wouldn’t mind having Season 3 of House either.  Is that frivolous enough or should I lash out and buy something that normally I would never buy?  Although what that thing is I have no idea.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  I have until 10am tomorrow morning to come with something.


8 responses to “Frivolous Spending

  1. Is ‘down-payment on a laptop’ frivolous enough? If you promise to do frivolous stuff with it? :-)

  2. I say lingerie – both frivolous and practical!

  3. Naomi – My birthday present from my parents is some money towards a new laptop. I have been told I am not to use Nan’s money towards the same thing.

    Jeanie – Probably now would be a good time to explain how ungirly I am. I hate clothes shopping. I never wear dresses and lingerie doesn’t appeal to me at all. Basically I am a guy in a woman’s body.

  4. What about something experiencial for you and lela like a harbour bridge walk or parachuting etc….. I have a million more of these so if you go down this path and need some more inspiration let me know.

  5. Books, books, and more books!

  6. Shoes!!! Coffee!!!!! CHOCOLATE!!!!

    But you knew I would say that….

    So I am thinking something that makes you smile every time you see it. Um, like, SHOES!!!

    Happy Frivolous spending babe.

  7. Hmm, not girly…so, what to buy? What about tickets to a concert, a live play at a theatre, computer software like Photoshop or something to create very cool images? That last one is on my list, so I thought I’d throw that in just in case you like that sort of thing.

  8. Happy B-day.
    The House DVDs sound great – I love that show.
    You definitely should buy yourself at least one totally wild little something like sexy pjs!
    Whatever you do have a grand time doing it.
    Enjoy your family’s visit.