Fair Day

I have just gotten home, tired and sunburnt, from Fair Day. Fair Day is officially described by the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras as Sydney’s great big gay picnic in the park – and that is a pretty good description. Once a year, the gays take over Victoria Park next to Sydney Uni and transform into a big gay festival complete with stalls, live music and a dog show called Doggywood. It is a real community day where the whole gay community comes together to chill out in the park. It is the only event in the Mardi Gras Festival that I must go to. I love Fair Day. I love wandering around the stalls checking out what community, political and sporting groups have shown up this year and looking at tacky and trashy things to buy. I love hanging out in the park with my friends and meeting up with people that I only seem to see at Fair Day. Most of all, I love seeing all the dogs that come to Fair Day with their owners. The gay community love their dogs and Fair Day is their big chance to show them off. Lelak and I have a great time wandering around pointing out all the interesting dogs. We saw four Great Danes and two Neopolitian Mastiffs this year. Lelak really wants to get a Great Dane, but at the moment, two dogs are enough. Any more and they would start to outnumber us.

Fair Day is pretty much the one time of the year that I feel connected to the gay community. In my day to day life, I rarely meet anyone else who is gay, except for my friends and in an office where I am the only gay person it can be a bit isolating at times. Fair Day reminds me that I am a part of a big huge community that seems to be getting bigger every year. It is a great feeling to walk around a festival knowing that you share something in common with almost everyone there. I say almost everyone because an increasing large number of straight families also attend Fair Day and I think that is truly amazing. I love seeing them there soaking up the atmosphere and having fun. It is a good feeling to have such visible support from the straight community.


One response to “Fair Day

  1. We’ve just had Carnival here in Melb, pretty similar to Fair Day with many stalls, dog shows, live entertainment, etc, the end day of Midsumma http://www.midsumma.org.au/index.php?option=com_events&task=view_detail&agid=4&Itemid=114
    Thankfully a lot of straight families are coming to Carnival too – commonsense will prevail in the end ! :)