Eating my way through the week

This week has been a gastronomical slog.  I rarely go out for dinner and even rarer still do I go out for a work lunch.  However, this week, I have been to two work lunches – one on Monday to welcome a new client services member and one today to farewell one of our developers.  As well as that, I have also been out for dinner twice this week – last night to the Sydney Blogger’s Meet up and out again tonight with the in-laws.

It is little wonder I have put back on the weight I lost last week.  People keep dragging me out to eat, and of course, you can’t eat something boring and healthy when you are celebrating things.   Nor can I ever pass up a good chicken schnitzel, especially when it comes with chips and gravy.  Weight loss be damned, you only live once.  I can exercise and diet next week.


4 responses to “Eating my way through the week

  1. I object. Healthy need not be boring!

  2. He he he.

    This year I have been averaging going out to hot Indian once a fortnight. I NEVER go out to dinner! But I figure there are vegetables in the there somewhere….

    Chicken Schnitzel with bearnaise sauce is a weakness of mine….

  3. Kelley – You are only going to that Indian restaurant to perve on that hot waiter.

  4. Thanks Riayn…now you’ve made up my mind for tea tonight, chips, gravy and something resembling vegies LOL