Still here… somewhere

I am still around, still alive and kicking, well alive and complaining about my sore bits anyway.  I just seemed to have run out of time to blog.  I don’t know where those blogging hours have gone, but they seemed to have disappeared from my day.  I believe the main culprits are my workload at work increasing back to its insane levels again and the fact that the ratings period has returned meaning that there are actually things to watch on TV again.

I need to get a laptop.  Having a laptop will mean that I can blog and watch TV at the same time instead of having to remove myself from the lounge room to the TV-less computer room in order to blog.  Whilst Lela was away, I used her laptop and I loved being able to stretch out on the couch in front of the TV and be online at the same time.  It was a glorious existence.  But now Lela is back she has reclaimed her laptop.

I have wanted to get a laptop for a couple of months now as my desktop computer is now hitting 5 years old and is starting to not be able to do things as well as it used to.  Having now used a laptop for more than a couple of minutes at a time, I  want one immediately.  I am considering getting one from Dell as they have the option of having Windows XP as the operating system.  There is no way I am getting the evil Vista as I actually want to be able to use my laptop rather than fight the operating system.  If anyone knows of any other company that still makes laptops with XP please let me know.  Also I would love to know what you all think are decent specs for a laptop.  I want to spend about $1,500 but would like the laptop to do me atleast 2 years if not more before becoming obsolete.

In them meantime, I will try to locate some time to jump online and keep this poor blog updated.


3 responses to “Still here… somewhere

  1. Did you watch Terminator: TSCC? I thought it was rather good.

  2. Mr Teufel – I watched Women’s Murder Club, but I have the first episode of TSCC downloaded, so I will have to find time this weekend to have a look at it.

  3. laptop is the way to go!!!