The past few days..

Still battling my dog walking wounds.  I can’t believe how incredibly painful they are.  I am quite sure that as a kid grazes didn’t cause this much pain.  My right knee is the worst off.  I can’t actually bend it thanks to the wound going right across the joint.  When I stand up from sitting down, I actually have to break the wound to get moving again which is unbearably painful.

I took photos of my wounds on Wednesday afternoon, cause a gruesome injury is just begging to be shared with the world.  The two most spectacular ones are my knee and my elbow;


My right knee.

My left elbow


Along with my wounds I have had a rough time mentally.  On Wednesday I was completely mellowed out, then on Wednesday evening both Rory and Caleb threw up, one after the other.  My anxiety levels shot through the roof.  I get anxious when the dogs get sick, but since Lelak is away and I don’t drive, I had no easy way of getting the dogs to the vet, so my anxiety levels went through the roof.  The dogs were fine after their throwing up competition – running around the house, begging for food, but I wasn’t.  It took over 24 hours for me to calm down.  When I am anxious, I stop eating, which is great for weight loss, but terrible for my body and mind.  Even though I logically knew the dogs were okay, my emotions kept racing.  It was utterly pathetic and something I really need to get a handle on.  So that is why I have been AWOL for a couple of days, but the real me is back now and ready to start interacting with the world again.


7 responses to “The past few days..

  1. I swear when we’re kids we feel no pain from grazes or the heat or cold. It’s when we hit 20 it’s all downhill with the weather and pain creeping under our skin ;)
    Glad to hear you’re feeling better, hope the grazes give you a break soon :)

  2. OMG!! They look horrendous!! Keep an eye on them and, especially with the knee, if the redness spreads get thee to a doctor.

    Smootches babe. It sucks that this happened while Lelak is away.

  3. I can feel your pain just looking at those red marks. OUCH!!! You need to moisten the knee up. I don’t know what you should put on it, but something so it never has to “break” when you get up and down. Oh, boy. It looks so painful. Really sorry about your injury, but glad your mood improved. That’ll make the pain seem less so. Take it easy.

  4. OUCH!!! oooo owies!

    Are you putting anything on it? Just some plain ol Savlon a few times a day should help.

    Hope you are moving easier soon hon

  5. Ack, that looks painful! :-) I’m so glad you’re better.

  6. Owwwwweee they look sore. And how on earth did you get a photo of your own elbow??? You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want :)

    Hope the injuries heal soon. And the suggestion of keeping the knee moist sounds like a good idea. What about the paraffin-covered net type dressing, I think it is usually used for burns to stop them drying out and forming a scab.

    Sorry to hear about the dogs throwing up too. Blech. Glad to hear that you’re back and feeling better though.

  7. Just looking st the pictures made me want to cry.
    Sending healing vibes round the world to you!