Official Weigh In

Since I am undertaking the Biggest Loser Challenge on All for Women. I thought I should do an official weigh in.  So here are my stats;

Weight: 83.5kg ( Leigh, I know this is a kilo less than the photo of me on the scales I sent you this morning.  I got no idea where that kilo went).

Arms: 34.5 cm

Chest: 100cm

Waist: 100.5cm

Hips/Butt: 114cm

Thighs: 63.5cm

I am going to do my best to eat healthy this week, no pigging out on pide at lunch time.  Also, the dogs and I are going to go for two walks a day for roughly 30 minutes each time.  I guess we will see how good I’ve been next Sunday.


5 responses to “Official Weigh In

  1. Best not to go searching for lost kilos. You might find them! :-P Unless you think it might’ve fallen down between the lounge cushions, and will go mouldy. In that case, I guess it’s best to find it.

    You can do the healthy eating! :-) I’m sure you’ve got plenty of support so I won’t go giving you advice that’d probably be useless anyhow.

    Two walks a day AND a swim?? Ye gads.

  2. Naomi – Unfortunately the second dog walk has replaced my swim at the moment. Just not enough hours in the day to do all three, plus go to work for 9 hours a day.

  3. I was wondering :-)

  4. Good for you and the walking will probably help your joints for when you do get back into swimming :)
    Well done!

  5. don’t look for the lost kilo…just be glad it went away!! you are so inspiring in this endeavor