Grumpy Bitch Coming Through

Today started off not so great and then went downhill from there.

This morning I had to say goodbye to my girlfriend Lelak as she is departing for Melbourne to start a month long ride from Melbourne to Sydney.  To say that I am going to miss her is a huge understatement.

So emotionally fragile, I headed off to work only to be greeted by a snarky email from my CTO basically ripping me a new one for daring to use his precious development team for support questions, which incidentally is what they are fucking there for.   My technical support guru from my own section has been seconded to the UK for two months and so I have been either handling all the real technical stuff myself or asking the dev team to help me.  This is apparently wrong, although I was told that they would help me if I needed it, and I am to now liaise with the UK on issues.   This would be fine if I didn’t need answers immediately and not 24 hours later.  Online media waits for no man or woman.

So I bitched and grumped about that for a while which put me in a filthy mood.  I have yelled at a client for not being able to add up (18 + 2 + 10 + 10 = 40 not 41 and I don’t care if you fucking computer told you otherwise) and yelled at another client for just being pathetically stupid.  This is so out of character for me.  I may think horrible things about clients, but I most certainly do not yell at them.  I was getting so bad, I was about to put myself in the naughty corner for a good long time-out.

Fortunately, I was able to solve a difficult problem and do some tricky stuff in Flash and HTML even though I know almost nothing about either of them.  This put me in a good enough mood to finish the day without getting fired for being obnoxious to the clients.

I am now off to a basketball game (Sydney Flames versus Adelaide Lightening) where I will no doubt yell at the umpires and hopefully drain off the rest of my foul mood before heading home to my dogs.


3 responses to “Grumpy Bitch Coming Through

  1. I’ll email you the emergency chocolate rations immediately!

  2. Oh my lovely. That day sucks pus filled donkey balls.

    Big hugs babe. what a horrific day. Hope the month goes speedily. And there is always phone calls and dirty emails ;)

  3. Jayne – I will be haunting the post office waiting for those chocolates. :)

    Kelley – Yeah, it was a bad day, but the basketball got rid of my filthy mood, thank god. I really hate being in a bad mood. I hope this month goes really quickly too.