Two dogs, one human

On Friday, I will become a cycling widow for a month as Lelak leaves to cycle from Melbourne to Sydney.  It will just be me and the dogs – for a whole month.  Therefore, this morning we had a practice of going for our morning walk with two dogs and one human.  We have a double ended leash to which I attached a normal leash so that I can walk the dogs without tying to hold multiple leads.  I am now really, really glad that I taught the dogs the command “wait” because our whole walk went something like this.

“Wait” – as I untangle the beagle from the lead

“Wait” – as I yet again untangle the beagle from the lead

“Wait” – as Caleb tried desperately to pee without being pulled over by the beagle

“Wait”  – as Rory tries to poop whilst being dragged along

“Wait” – as I untangle myself from the lead

Eventually we got things worked out and we had a really lovely walk with no major dramas.  We even went for a bit of a run which the dogs loved.

I am not sure how the dogs are going to go with Lelak being away for so long.  I am sure after a week or so, they will be fine, but that first week is going to be rough for us all.  I can foresee two very clingy dogs who will be scared that I am going to leave them too.


8 responses to “Two dogs, one human

  1. Hope Lelak takes it easy on the road and I’m sure you’ll manage the dogs ok.Ours get clingy if we go shopping for an hour LOL.

  2. my first question…exactly how many miles is she cycling? a month is a long time, but i’m not telling you something you don’t already know!

    second…is there any way someone can get a photo session of one of these adventures?? i am absolutely certain that it would be the blogpost of the year!

    i have never walked my own hound patrol solo…now i am certain it would provide the neighborhood with lots of enjoyment!

  3. Jayne – My dogs don’t really like it when we leave the house, but they have come to accept it. We get a really enthusiastic greeting when we get home.

    Bello – I am not sure what the distance is in miles, but in kilometres, it is 1200km, but there will be a few rest days in there so she doesn’t overdo it.
    Lelak will be taking the digital camera with her and will most probably have her own blog over at Crazy Guy On A Bike, which is a site set up for cyclists to blog about their tours. When I find out where she is blogging, I will post the link on my blog.

  4. Sounds like a number of advertures headed your way!!

    I also hope Lelak stays safe on the road. That’s a bloody long way to ride – are you two on a death wish or something??!

    I think you have your first few posts for your new site with your poochies and their stress levels for the next month lol :)

  5. Reading this makes me wonder, would dogs respond to Makaton? Boo’s therapy (as much as people want to murder me for this statement) was a lot like training a dog. Positive reinforcement. Makaton worked wonders! Especially the ‘wait’ and ‘finish’ signals.

    And you being the animal expert and all…. would it work?

  6. Kelley – I have never heard of Makaton, but from your description it sounds exactly like training a dog and what I have been doing with my two from day one. Heaps of positive reinforcement and simple commands like “wait”, “sit” etc. My dogs are fairly good at the wait command, thank god. I think it is actually the human that needs training in how to walk two dogs at the same time.

  7. The therapy was ABA, Makaton is a form of sign language. Sorry, I wasn’t clear!

  8. Kelley – When training dogs you always teach the command with both the hand signal and the word. Dogs learn the hand signal much faster than they learn the word, which is why in obedience competitions, you are not allowed to use hand signals. Therefore, I guess Makaton would work quiet well with dogs.