Sydney Bloggers Meetup

On Thursday night I attended the Inaugural Meetup of the Sydney Bloggers Meetup Group at the Old Vienna Cafe at the QVB.  I am not ashamed to admit that I was mighty nervous walking up to that cafe, but I shouldn’t have been because everyone there was really friendly.  There was a great mixture of experience bloggers, novice bloggers and a couple of people who were thinking about starting up their own blogs.

In attendance was Ian (Therin of Andor), Greg (Professor Null), James, the other Andrew (although at this meeting he was the only Andrew), John, Neerav, Evan, Tim and his wife Carmen and Keza and Frances who were brand new to blogging.

We all had great conversation about blogging platform, niche blogging, what we blog about and admiring those who had reached the lofty heights of problogging.

The only downside of the evening was that there was a person there from a media group who tried to use our group as a way to find out which up and coming hot new websites and social networking groups her company should buy.  I really didn’t think that this was appropriate.  We were not there to be a free resource for her company.

The next meetup will be on the 14th Febuary at the Old Vienna Cafe at the QVB.  If you are interesting in coming, please register here.


5 responses to “Sydney Bloggers Meetup

  1. That’s interesting … who was the person from a media group? I was talking to Ian and John most of the time.

  2. Nice to meet you also Riayn. Who was the media speculator person? I used to find that sort of thing a bit of a problem with the other Meetup group, but I’d have thought such people would steer clear of a strictly “hobbyists” group…

  3. The media person was Karyn. She initially started to talk about her blog and the problems with getting traffic, but it quickly turned into her trying to pick our brains about hot new sites her company should buy. Unfortunately she knew nothing about the internet landscape and who actually owned what.

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