Choosing a Blog Name

Choosing a name for your blog is probably the most underrated yet difficult task facing a blogger.  You want to choose something that relates to what you are blogging about, is catchy and memorable but it must be unique and not too similar to another blog or company. For a person like myself, who was not gifted with the ability to come up with really cool names, it is damn near impossible.

Fortunately, in choosing a name for my new pet care blog I have been ably assisted by my wonderful readers, the ingenious members of the Aussie Bloggers’ Forum and my amazing girlfriend and friends.

I have now narrowed the choice for a new name down to two. Both are very, very good, which is why I can’t choose between them. I am appealing to you, my wonderful readers to help me make the choice.  Both names are very catchy and memorable so they win in those stakes, but I just can’t decide which one will appeal to pet owners the most.

The choices are;

Petty Problems – Suggested by the ingenious Naomi

Petulance – Suggested by my gorgeous girlfriend.

Tell me which one appeals to you the most and, if you can put it in words, why.

Also get your pet questions ready.  I am hoping to launch my new blog early next week.


12 responses to “Choosing a Blog Name

  1. Why not combine the two and call it Pet-u-lant Petty Problems?
    I like ’em both.

  2. I’m going with Petulance, because it reminds me of the Zappa song Petulant Frenzy and also sounds a little like a Jane Austin novel. Great names!

  3. I like Petty Problems. It’s cute and catchy. But I notice both domains are taken. I’m assuming you’ll be going with a subdomain then.

  4. I like Petty Problems. Because most of the crap I read on personal blogs IS petty problems, LOL. (Myself included) But that’s where I try to leave that attitude. On the blog, not out in the world.

  5. OH! I just saw that you had a link to Stephen Fry’s website on your blogroll. Thanks! I love Control. ;-p

  6. Found a cursor-chasing animated cat widget you could use on your new blog lol.
    I’ve put it on my blog if you want to see what it’s like, here’s the link where to get it

  7. I love the name “Petulance” but I think “Petty Problems” sounds sort of more general somehow. I think it also puts a sort of more positive slant, like your problems are probably not as bad as you think. My 2cents.

    It was nice to meet you at the bloggers meet last night!

  8. “Petulance” is perfect!

    And it was great meeting you last night at “Bloggers of Sydney” Meetup!

  9. in my head i keep going back & forth…but i think, after reading “the other andrew’s” comments, there is a good point & now i am on the side of petty problems…

    so glad you are doing this…i think phil agrees :)

  10. Have you considered adding subheading, something like “Petulance – a solution guide for petty problems”?

    Not too rePETitive? ;)

  11. I like Petulance and I like Ian McLean’s suggestion for the “catchphrase”. :)

  12. I like Petulance only because I wouldn’t like to be told my pet problems were petty but honestly, I like them both.