Decisions, decisions

I have been thinking over the past couple of days that I have a lot of pet knowledge gained when I was working as a veterinary nurse that I would like to share.  I am sick to death of seeing all this misinformation out there on the internet about pet care and would like to create a resource of information for both new pet owners and long time pet owners.

I thought about doing it in a blog format rather than a static website as blogs are so easy to update and maintain, but my main sticking point is whether I should incorporate the pet information into this blog or create a brand new blog.  My gut is telling me that a new blog would be more useful rather than mixing pet information amongst posts about my life.  I can’t imagine a lot of pet owners would be interested in my swimming workouts or my ramblings on about life.  However, with a new blog one must have a new name and I am terrible at thinking up names that are unique.  It took me ages to come up with Dancing About Architecture.

So, what are you thoughts?  Is a new blog about pet care the way to go?  If so, what should I call it? Also, how many of you would be interested in reading a blog about pet care?


10 responses to “Decisions, decisions

  1. I think a pet blog would be a great idea, perhaps something targeted at Australian’s. I would say my pet knowledge is fairly high, but I would still read it :)

    Can’t help you with a name tho, I suck just as much *hehe*

  2. Leigh – It would definitely be Australian based as my knowledge does not extend to conditions or products available outside of Australia. Also everything on the internet does seem to be American based, which is not always appropriate for Australian pet owners.

  3. I think it’s a good idea! :-)

    Not sure how often I’d read something of the sort, I must admit – once a week maybe?

  4. Naomi – I am not sure it is a blog that I would post to every day. I can imagine I would need time to prepare and write articles, so maybe it would only be updated once or twice a week. I was thinking about having a Q&A section where people can submit questions that they want answered, so if I got that up and running maybe it might increase my posting frequency.
    Do you have any ideas of a name? Cause I have nothing!

  5. that’s a great idea but i’m no help in the naming area either

  6. Have a separate blog and refer to it from here. Lots of bloggers do it, ‘I am blogger over here today so pop on over’ sorta thing.

    While the pet stuff may interest me, I still love coming here to read your day to day stuff.

  7. My naming ideas frequently cause people to run away screaming, but I’ll give it a go anyhow –

    – Dear Rover (a twist on Dear Abby)
    – Pet Pieces
    – Don’t Kill Your Pet
    – Pussies and Bitches (you’d get some interesting search-term traffic)

  8. Sounds good Riayn!
    With my 5 cats, 2 dogs, 2 chooks and partridge in the pear tree, I’d definitely read both blogs :)

  9. Call it Creature Comforts?

  10. Ooh I’d read it (and yes, I’d suggest a new blog)! Name ideas off the top of my head:

    Bare Bones about Pet Care
    Pets are People Too
    We Heart Pets

    Best of luck :)