Family Commitments

For some reason lunch with the family takes all day.  It does matter with we have lunch with my family or Lelak’s it takes at least 6 hours.  There are no quick 2 or 3 hours lunches, ever.

Today was Lelak’s grandmother’s birthday.  We left the house at 10:30am and arrived back at 5:30pm.  See, I was kidding when I said that lunch takes the entire day.  For some unknown reason they decided to have the lunch at Manly.  Manly is a lovely beach side spot, but the problem with Manly is that half of Sydney also thinks it is a great place to go on a weekend and thus it is packed with people and there is nowhere in the whole suburb to park.  This well known fact does not stop the family arranging a big lunch with 12 people attending.   Therefore everyone arrives at lunch extremely late and already pissed off because of how long it took to find a parking spot.  Family lunches are never free of a little tension but when you have the members arrive already grumpy it is never good.  Fortunately, everyone was well-behaved and kept their comments about others to themselves (well I know I did).  I was thankful to be sitting at the”kids” end of the table where I actually like everyone.  Seeing as though we were at Manly, lunch was extremely overpriced, but it was good.  Jumbo prawns are never a bad thing especially when served with garlic butter.

Lunch itself run from 12:30pm to 3:30pm.  It would have run longer but we managed to escape the ‘let’s go for ice cream’ section.  We went back to Lelak’s parents place where Lelak got a much needed hair cut (her mother was a hairdresser) and avoided being loaded up with junk from her parents cleaning out their house before they move.

The best of the day was stopping at the local service station for a Mint Slice Cornetto.  On a hot day, ice cream tastes so good.  We made it home just before a massive thunderstorm hit.  The rain has now just stopped after dumping 17mm in 30 minutes, the sun is making a comeback and the road out of the front of our house is partially flooded.


2 responses to “Family Commitments

  1. Sounds like an almost fun day!
    Hmmm Cornetto, best way to finish the day!

  2. Cornetto…..Magnum……they’re all good :)

    Sounds like a ‘fun’ day and somehow strangely familiar……oh I know – could be my family lunches!