The Internet Party

A look at what happens when Google’s parents leave town for the weekend.  It is a hilarious sketch where all the party guests are websites.  All your favourites are there – Google, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Digg.


4 responses to “The Internet Party

  1. He he he.

    Boo wants me to play it again. AND then comment to you!!!

    No Boo. Go back to your own computer!

  2. Glad to hear that Boo liked it.

  3. Great video and your timing’s perfect Riayn :)

    My hubby was telling me how funny he thinks it would be to put a group of bloggers in a room together and they had to talk like they’d blog – with waiting time, acronyms etc

    Pressie for you at my place – tag, you’re it!

  4. Anita – We are having the Sydney Blogger’s Meetup this Thursday night, so we will have a room full of bloggers. I will let you know if it is anything like your husband imagines it will be.