Strutting my stuff on the pool deck

I must admit that I look damn sexy when I get suited up to go swimming.  I am round which just looks hot in a swimming suit.  I have both knees covered in large amount of tape to keep my kneecaps in place. Thanks to falling down the pool ladder on Monday,  I have a large bruise that runs from the bottom of my knee to my ankle and after I have been swimming, I have large red marks around my eyes from the goggles.  Yes, I look damn sexy!

It is a good thing I am not self-conscience about my appearance when I go swimming.  Swimmers were not made for people whose body type is not slim and athletic.  As I keep telling myself I am swimming to get myself in shape, if I was thin and gorgeous looking there would be no point to me exercising my butt off.

Mixed up my swimming workout.  Did 100m of just kicking which made me realise how weak my leg muscles are (damn you fibromyalgia) and also did a lap of backstroke which strangely enough I actually enjoyed doing.

Stats for the workout: 35 laps (1.75km) in 62 minutes

Stats for the week:  105 laps (5.25km).  Last week I did 83 laps (4.15km).  So that is an improvement of 22 laps (1.1km).


3 responses to “Strutting my stuff on the pool deck

  1. lol – no swimming attire is not for the fainthearted!

  2. If cottage cheese thighs are in this season, I’m golden! I can barely sun myself in a suit out in my backyard, much less be seen in a public place. My sister tries to get me to join her at our local water park, but I insist I stay home. Don’t want to scare any children. She tells me I have nothing to worry about, as there are more overweight women there than not. She says none of them appear to worry about their jiggles. Still, how could I have any fun when I’m worried my flab will injure someone?

  3. Bettina – You are so right. They have yet to make a flattering swimsuit for those of us who don’t resemble a beanpole.

    Kathy – Your sister is right, nobody cares what you look like in a swimsuit at a water park. Besides, you can always wear an oversized t-shirt over it to cover yourself up.