Stairway to Fitness

Don’t forget that today is Firestair Friday.  Shun the lift and take to the stairs!

Did you know that taking the stairs not only gives your legs a workout, but your butt, stomach and heart as well?  If you move your arms around, you can make it a full body workout.

Just remember that if you have any orthopedic or heart problems to consult your doctor before tackling the stairs.  I don’t want to be responsible for anyone dropping dead.

Remember to post to either this post or the Firestair Friday post about how many steps you managed to do today.


6 responses to “Stairway to Fitness

  1. I started writing a comment, but it got too long… so I’ve blogged about it instead ;)

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  3. Party pooper! Just cause you can’t climb the fire stairs :P
    But seriously, you did raise some great concerns about firedoors that are locked so that you can’t enter them from the stairwell.

  4. No stairs but does it count that I helped carry 2 mattresses home?
    I lost count of my steps somewhere between my shoulder screaming at me and the blisters busting on my feet.
    Yes, I’m a sook LOL.

  5. i’m on it! we have stairs in our home & my very forgetful mind allows me frequent trips up & down…hence butt of steel (almost!)

    shunning an elevator? no problem here…i am quite afraid of the little buggers & will do that on any given day

  6. Jayne – I am impressed that you managed to carry two mattresses. That is an amazing effort, cause those things are so unwieldy and heavy. I really hope that you didn’t have far to walk.

    Bello – A great effort!