Swimming Stats

I hit the pool today for my usual Wednesday swim.  Thankfully unlike Monday, I was able to get into the pool whilst falling down the ladder.  The bruising from Monday’s incident is slowly coming up. It looks mighty impressive and hurts like hell.

Stats for today: 35 laps ( 1.75km) in 55 minutes

Stats for the week:  70 laps (3.5km).   I am only 13 laps off my total for the whole of last week.


2 responses to “Swimming Stats

  1. You are doing so well. Keep up the good work hun

  2. catching up on blog reading today…sorry to hear about your medical visit issues, but at least you can take solace in your meeting the new year head on with exercise! way to go!! (i’m back to walking my lazy a** in laps…can you hear me huffing & puffing?!?!)